Where can I find SG Bike and parking spots?

SG Bike will appear as red icons. The following icons are the types of SG Bikes available for use. Due to technical issues, iOS users may only see red dots on the map. Users should check the pricing before unlocking, and check that the ID code on the SG Bike matches the one displayed on the app. Parking spots will only appear after unlocking an SG Bike. If you are unable to find an SG Bike, please refresh the app and zoom out to check if there are any SG Bikes in your area.

How do I inspect an SG Bike for serviceable condition?

Safety is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, it is important that you conduct a pre-ride inspection to ensure your bicycle is fit for riding using ABC. A is for air*. Inspect tyres to ensure they are properly inflated and free of cuts by pressing your thumb against the tyre. A serviceable tyre will revert back to its original shape, an unserviceable tyre will not. B is for brakes. Inspect brakes for looseness and binding by squeezing the brake lever and moving the bicycle forward and af...

How do I adjust the seat height?

To adjust the seat: - Pull the lever mounted on the frame of the bicycle to release the seat. - Push the seat up or down until a suitable height is reached. - Tighten the lever mounted on the frame of the bicycle to secure the seat. - Shake the seat up and down to check for security.

Why am I unable to unlock a bicycle?

There are four main reason why our users are unable to unlock a bicycle. 1.) The bicycle has been reported as unsafe to use. As safety is our main priority, unsafe bicycles are not able to be ridden. 2.) Weak Signal from Service providers (Eg: Starhub/Singtel) or Server maintenance can also cause bicycles to not be able to work. 3.) Account does not meet the minimum requirements of Good standing (At least $0 in SG Bike wallet and a linked card detail). Check that your account has a bank card...

How do I end my trip?

To end your trip, bicycles must be parked at a parking spots such as those indicated by the “P” icon inside the app. These locations are usually denoted by yellow boxes and bicycle racks. - Park your bicycle at the parking spot. - Push the lever down to manually lock the bicycle. You should hear a "click" sound. - Launch the SG Bike app and tap the “End Trip” prompt. - Scan the yellow QR code at the parking spot. (usually located on a wall or at the bottom right corner of the yellow bo...

Why am I unable to end trip after locking?

Force close and relaunch the app to try again. Please contact us at ( immediately. Include in the email your account number and a picture of the SG Bike properly parked.

Where is the QR code at the parking spot?

QR codes are usually located on the walls beside a parking spot, or along the corners yellow box itself. You may report missing or damaged QR codes by tapping on “Feedback” through the QR code scanning page in the app. Alternatively, you may drop us an email at ( to allow our team to further assist you.

What is a Green zone?

Premium series SG Bikes ( can be found within designated zone, more details regarding green zone can be found before user confirm to unlock a premium bicycle. Due to the exclusivity and the administrative manpower needed to move the bicycles back in green zone, failure to park in the Green zone will lead to an additional fine of $10 (administration charge) + $25 (Retrieval fee).

What should I do after ending my trip successfully?

Be considerate to the next user! Wipe down the handles and seat for the next user.

Can I reserve a bicycle with the SG Bike app?

No, we currently do not provide users with the feature to reserve bicycles. For private or corporate arrangements, you may reach out to us at (

Can I unlock multiple bicycles?

No, each SG Bike account can only unlock one SG Bike at a time.