Why am I unable to unlock a bicycle?

There are four main reason why our users are unable to unlock a bicycle.

1.) The bicycle has been reported as unsafe to use. As safety is our main priority, unsafe bicycles are not able to be ridden.

2.) Weak Signal from Service providers (Eg: Starhub/Singtel) or Server maintenance can also cause bicycles to not be able to work.

3.) Account does not meet the minimum requirements of Good standing (At least $0 in SG Bike wallet and a linked card detail).

Check that your account has a bank card added and does not have a negative balance. This is to prevent misuse of the SG Bike Ride Pass, theft cases, and to curb indiscriminate parking.

4.) Basic requirements to use the app are not enabled 

  • Check that you have Bluetooth enabled and a stable internet connection.
  • Check if the spoke is preventing the lock from opening.
  • Check that you have matched the ID on the bicycle with the one on the app.
  • Check that SG Bike has permission to access the relevant functions.

If you are still unable to unlock, you may try unlocking other SG Bikes nearby.

You may Email us at support@sgbike.com.sg with your phone number and error messages to check if there are errors with the account, or email us for request of replacement/deployments of bicycles if there are no SG Bikes that can be unlocked.