User guide

Main Page


Our main page allows you to easily check for SG Bikes that are near your location.

  • To find a bicycle, tap the bicycle icon to get its exact location and estimated distance from you.
  • To refresh the map, tap the location icon  to reflect your current location.
  • To get assistance, tap the support iconto talk to our support assistant.


To unlock a bicycle, tap “Unlock” and scan the bicycle QR code on the lock or handlebar.


Note: GPS location accuracy is limited due to system limitations. Keep Bluetooth and internet connection enabled at all times.





Main Menu


Tap the Image icon or hamburger menu  to access the main menu.







My Wallet


Tap “Details” to check your transaction history. 







SG Bike e-wallet balance


Your account balance is reflected on this screen.







My Trips


Your list of bicycle usages is shown here. To view each bicycle usage in more detail, tap the trip.

For each bicycle usage, you can find the following important details

Account number, bicycle serial number, cost of trip, time spent.




Providing feedback

Tap “Feedback”. (top right-hand corner of the screen)

Select the relevant option. (i.e. Trip Fare Error, Faulty Bicycle, Request for Geostations, Other Issues)

Tap “Submit”.